Roman Floyd compares high school football to Whitney Jr. Wildats

Q: How do you prepare for a game?

A: Usually we go over film, we go over warm ups and we get into our offense individuals. Then we do defense individuals and then we come together as a team.


Q: How is high school football different from Whitney Jr Wildcats (WJW)?

A: WJW is more soft, everyone’s more soft. It was boring. High school is more energetic, yeah everybody is better.


Q: How many positions do you play and what are they?

A: I play everything except I’m not on the kick off team.


Q: What is your favorite position and why?

A: Probably receiver, that’s my time to shine.


Q: Is football the only sport you play?

A: I’ve played soccer for 7 years and football for 2.


Q: Do you think playing with some of your teammates have better you as a whole or why not?

A: Yes, I think that this has bettered me as a whole because I understand what most of them go through everyday and I’m not the only one.


Q: How do you feel your team relationship has changed from WJW to high school? What is different?

A: Our relationships has changed with each other from WJW to high school in an amazing way. We’ve all become so much closer to each other.


by Bianca Cowles, Maelani Estepa, Martine Gilbeau & Izzy Laber