Cheer program spends night in cafeteria for bonding activities


Before the cheer lock-in ends, Reese Phillips watches the sunrise on the football field. The purpose of the lock-in was to bond all three teams together and get ready for Homecoming week. Photo by Emily Pontes.

The cheer program had their first lock-in to help bring all three teams closer together. During the lock-in, the cheerleaders practiced, made shirts for Homecoming week and watched the movie Coco. After that the small number of girls still awake played capture the flag. They finished the night by watching the sunrise.

“The lock-in was so tiring because we stayed up the whole night, but I actually made so many memories like getting to bond with my cheer little sisters in the middle of the night and watching the sunrise with the Whitney cheer program. Even though I had to leave my boyfriend’s Homecoming early, I am so glad we were able to do this and hope we do it next year,” Reese Phillips said.

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