Makeup artist Alaina Rolleri shows her passion through her growing Instagram account


Looking in the mirror, Alaina Rolleri blends in her eyeshadow to make sure it looks perfect. Photo by Taylor Butler.

Having an impact on social media can be difficult, for Alaina Rolleri it took years to come as far as she has. Moving here from Livermore California, was a rough transition for Rolleri but having her makeup career has helped her keep going and made the transition easier.

Starting this journey came easy and the love for makeup didn’t take long.

“I’ve always been into art, I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t. I remember one day in seventh grade, my mom left early before school. I saw her makeup and I still had a little bit of time. I picked it up and I wanted to start playing around. I started putting it on and I instantly fell in love. I started to wear makeup to look better for myself, but it started to slowly evolve into a more creative platform and a canvas I can wipe off at the end of the day,” Rolleri said.

After finding her love for makeup, Rolleri wanted to create more and wanted to take inspiration from anything she could to make it into art.

“I draw inspiration from everything around me. For instance, I see a flower and love the color combination and I will wanna do a look inspired by that, or i’ll see someones technique and I’ll use that and incorporate it into my everyday routine and see how that changes the final outcome,” Rolleri said.

Soon she started her Instagram account to show other her love for the art she was creating on her face. She started her account in December, 2016 has taken all her passion for makeup and put it into her account. It took two years to finally get followers and create an impact. Soon big makeup brands such as Marc Jacobs and Becca Cosmetics started reaching out and sending products.

“It’s crazy how quickly I’ve grown. I’m not huge but im well known among the Tri Valley Bay Area where I recently came from. I have about 1,300 followers. It’s always so surreal to me when any big brand notices me. I’ve had the same big brands notice me a few times and I’m still shocked every single time because it’s crazy to know I’ve come so far and what I’ve accomplished. To have brands such as Marc Jacobs or Make Up For Ever sending me products that are high end and expensive, knowing they trust my opinion enough to send them to me to review them, it’s crazy. If that’s how far I get I’m okay with that because that in itself is success to me,” Rolleri said.

Moving from the Bay Area to Rocklin can be hard, but losing clients and recognition is even harder. Needing to find new clients and create a new recognition for her makeup account hasn’t been easy, but she gets her name out there any way she can by showing people makeup account and offering client work. She knows that she will get her name out there again but doing it in a new place is going to be hard for Rolleri.

Her makeup account is more than just a hobby, it’s her career and she doesn’t intend on stopping anytime soon. She plans on growing her account and going to cosmetology school to further her knowledge and become the best she can be. After graduating she wants to work at M.A.C. Cosmetics and see where it leads her from there.