Cocoa and Cram provides opportunity for last-minute studying and help before finals week

With finals coming up, Cocoa and Cram provided a quiet place for students to focus on studying. For the past eight years, Cocoa and Cram has been set up as a last-minute study session for students to organize study groups, get help from teachers, or even just grab a hot chocolate before finals. The event took place Dec. 12 in the library from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Teachers and staff volunteered to help students study for their classes and prepare for finals. ASB provided hot chocolate and holiday-themed snacks for students to enjoy. 

Activities director, Mr. Jesse Armas, had been part of the event for years when his wife Mrs. Jennifer Armas first organized Cocoa and Cram.

“I used to help her as an advisor and I saw the success that it had, and it was definitely a positive for the students and something that we had to do,” Armas said. 

Katie Puzar attended Cocoa and Cram in hopes of preparing for the upcoming week. 

“I’m studying for honors chemistry. Right now I’m failing, so this is really helpful for my grade,” Puzar said.

As her first year going to the event, Chinye Nkadi had a positive experience. 

Nkadi said, “I was studying for my LA Honors Ⅲ final, and I really liked the comfortable atmosphere and how helpful the teachers were. I would definitely go again.”