The girls’ varsity basketball team suffered a tough loss to El Camino

Alex Rodriguez shoots a free throw during the third quarter of the El Camino game. Photo by ARIELLA APPLEBY

The girls’ varsity basketball team lost to El Camino  Feb. 9 66-28.

“We may have lost, but we hustled the whole time,” Jacara Givhan, No. 10, said.

No. 20 Gabby Dagnino agreed with her fellow teammate about losing the game but how they hustled alot.

The team shot as many times as they could and played hard defense. The first quarter ended with Whitney behind 27-8.

In the second quarter the team had a score of 45-13 with El Camino in the lead 2:21 left. El Camino made a few quick lay-ups as the team played a zone to try to keep them from scoring without fouling. The quarter ended with a score of 50-13.

Halftime included a performance by the cheer squad and dance team. Once they finished varsity came out and they marched on court to face their opponent.

The third quarter passed as the team tried to keep El Camino from scoring. El Camino made some quick shots, and the team made a few lay-ups and free throws themselves. They tried hard to keep El Camino from getting to far ahead. The quarter ended with a score of 61-19.

During the fourth quarter came they tried their best to hold back El Camino. They scored a total of nine points and held El Camino back. El Camino scored five more points as the game ended with a score of 66-28.

At the end of the game Givhan commented on how she felt about the game.

“We were really flustered when we started the quarter and didn’t play the way we wanted to play.  as the quarter went on we got better,” said Givhan.

“I think we played really hard. I think their depth was hard to overcome,” Coach Andy Carter, varsity head coach, said.

When asked about what he thought the team could have done better on he said,
“The turnovers really killed us. Our goal is to have less than 20 in a game. We had 20 in a half,” Carter said.

The last girls’ varsity home game of the season is Feb. 14 at 7:30 p.m.