Zoom education comes with perks, drawbacks


The comfort of being at home has allowed some students to thrive in their online classes. Photo by Stefan Stefancik.

As students waited early in the morning to be accepted into class nobody really knew what to expect. Online learning is a new experience for students all around the country.

“I was scared of the possibility of having to manage all of my classes in an online setting,” Diana Russu said.

Students waited for the official RUSD announcements regarding the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. The final decision was to have students learn on a popular conference app named Zoom until further notice. 

“Zoom gives me the opportunity to work from a comfortable environment while still getting my knowledge about the different subjects,” Daniel Saakian said. 

Students like Saakian are surprised by how much they are enjoying remote learning.

“My Zoom experience has been doing much better than I initially expected it to, but I am enjoying it so far,” Saakian said. Although Zoom seems to be going well for Saakian, some are not having the same experience such as people zoom bombing, internet connection problems, some teachers are unable to communicate with their students.

Another issue students face due to online learning is the strain on their bodies due to their constant prolonged computer usage. 

“Zoom can be hard sometimes because I get really bad migraines when I stare at a screen for too long,” Kaleb Schmierer said.

Body strain due to prolonged screen usage affects thousands of people each year.

“When the eye muscles are tired, some kids struggle to keep their eyes aligned to do things like reading,” according to Dr. Tara DeRose in an interview with CPR News

Zoom comes with its pros and cons, but many students are excited to see what this school year has to offer. 

Saakian Said, “Nothing too exciting has happened in any of my classes yet, but I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the year goes.”