Sophomores experience first normal year of high school


Students converse with each other during the new PAWS period, which was previously called Intervention. PAWS is everyday from 9:06-9:31 a.m. Photo by Francheska Pontillas.

After last year’s nontraditional start to the high school experience with distance learning, hybrid and a 4×4 schedule, sophomores started their second year of high school Aug. 11 with a significant transition. Adjusting now to a normal school schedule with activities underway, it matches more of a freshman year feeling. The first time students of the Class of 2024 stepped onto campus was more than a month after the start of the 2020-21 school year and even then it was completely different from “normal.” 

From online classes, to having class every other day, to having four classes every day, sophomores are starting to get used to having a total of eight classes split into even and odd days. 

“At first when my friend told me Whitney was going back to the odd and even schedule, I got a bit scared because it was my first time doing odd and even because of last year’s unusual schedule. Now that I have my periods memorized, I’ve adjusted to it, but I’m still trying to learn how to balance my homework every day,” Gianna Geradila said. 

Having eight classes for the whole year gives students time to completely comprehend what they are learning.

“I honestly like having eight classes a week because I get an extra day to do homework for the class the next day, and also because I didn’t like not being able to have a full year of everything. It’s also more fun having eight classes and I really like having a different class each day,” Glenys Mendoza said. 

Rallies and dances are two of the biggest events sophomores had missed out on, however, this year’s first rally and dance were different due to the fact that they were outside. 

“I didn’t really like the rally because it was outside and in the smoldering heat. I thought that the rallies would be at the end of the day, so I didn’t expect it to be in the morning,” Kayla Vo said. 

With more traditional events returning, Adam Painter looks forward to the options and activities.

“Now with the LTA’s, rallies, games and more the sophomores such as myself are finally getting the real high school experience,” Painter said.

With last school year’s safety restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was difficult to see friends and to make new ones. This year, students have more time and chances to interact with their peers. 

Sam Ryu said “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and making close friends. I think that high school is a good opportunity because there are a lot more people. However, I am yet to experience the stress of studying for AP exams.”