Reporters get the facts about rumors surrounding senior off-periods


The counseling staff in the front office, including counseling secretary Mrs. Jennifer Teames, helps students with scheduling questions. Photo by Ariana Malata.

Three weeks into the new school year, students are already speculating about next year’s schedule, with rumors spreading about off-periods being taken out of the master schedule.

Principal Justin Cutts and counselor Mrs. Roisin LeRoy have both explained that the rumors are false.

“The rumor is not being discussed, and seniors should still be able to have up to two off periods,” LeRoy said. The option to have free periods, such as first block or last block off campus without a scheduled class, is based on students being on track with graduation requirements and other factors. It is a privilege for seniors.

Cutts emphasized that administrators and counselors are currently focused on figuring out this school year. “There has been no discussion of that at all, so we can cancel that rumor,” Cutts said.

Current juniors can still be able to look forward to their upcoming off periods.