Q&A with Caleb Kinnan


Photo by: Lilieth Vidana

Q: What inspired you to be part of the football team?
A: I chose Whitney because my friends are here, and I feel comfortable with the team and environment.

Q: What position do you play? Was it the position you originally tried out for?
A: I originally tried out for outside linebacker and running back, and that’s what I currently play.

Q: What’s your pregame routine?
A: I like to eat Wheaties, do dynamic warmups, go over plays and get hyped with the boys. 

Q: What does a typical game look like?
A: Clayton Hove sets us off with a chant to get me and the boys hyped. Then we go out on the field confident and ready.

Q: Have you played other sports? What made you choose football?
A: I’ve played a variety of sports such as baseball, basketball, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, swim, and I’ve been playing football for the past eight years. I enjoy football. It’s fun.I like the thrill of competition, and I like my coaches and teammates.

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite part about football?
A: My favorite part of football is getting to play with all my friends, but I hate conditioning.

Q: What are some obstacles you’ve overcome so far?
A: My parents got divorced when I was 5. It was confusing at first, but it made me want to be a better role model for my little sister.

Q: What inspires you to continue playing football every day?
A: My main goal is to get a scholarship, and I want to prove to my dad that I will be successful in life. I also want to be the best at football among my brothers.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you want to continue your football career, and if so, where?
A: I want to play varsity next year. When I graduate, I hope to get a scholarship from Oregon State and play football there. When I’m older I want to be a forensic accountant because it’s interesting and they make bank.

by Allie Bosano, Natalia Brito, Desiree Montejano & Lilieth Vidana