Q&A with Audriana Boyce

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?
A: There weren’t many places with cute yet affordable rings. I was on TikTok during the summer when I started seeing a lot of cute ring businesses who were able to make rings and sell them to everyone. I thought this would be a fun idea to try out.


Q: Describe your best customer experience so far.
A: Definitely when I got a DM on my Etsy account and it was about a customer explaining how thankful she is for the work I am putting out and that she loved my rings. She continued to say that she wanted to collab with me, she had 4.5 million followers on Instagram, so it felt so awesome that this influencer wanted me to help the brand. As well as getting that awesome opportunity she bought a bulk of 50 rings to support my business!

What was one of the worst customer experiences?
A: Maybe when a customer rated my rings a 3 out of 5 but didn’t explain what I did wrong or what I need to improve on. It just felt frustrating, especially because I made her an extra ring.

Which ring is your best seller?
A: The Classic Crystal wire-wrapped ring.

What’s the most difficult ring to produce?
A: On my website, it’s definitely the smiley face beaded ring, because it’s super tough to wrap the wire around the bead.

On average how long does it take to make one ring?
A: It takes about seven to 10 minutes.


Q: Are you looking at continuing a business in your future?
A: I plan on continuing my ring business, yes. I’ve had lots of fun making rings and giving back to people.


Q: When your product started getting purchased, what was your initial reaction?
A: When my business first started getting orders and blowing up, it felt so great that all my hard work and trust in my business had paid off, as well as getting to make people’s day.


Q: How many orders have you had?
A: I couldn’t even think about the number of rings I’ve made, but so far I’ve had 157 orders in total.

What are the downsides to starting a business?
A: The downsides when starting a business would be the cost of the product — especially because ring supplies get pricey fast, and also the fact that you can pay for supplies and there is a chance nobody will buy it.