Student athletes discuss college recruiting and the work that comes with it


Basketball player Harper Peterson, does her classwork to ensure good grades. Peterson keeps her grades up to maintain her 20 college athletic offers.

As student athletes receive college athletic scholarships to help them advance in both their athletic and academic careers. Basketball player Harper Peterson, soccer player Lakelee Perkins and football player Phoenix Rose, have firsthand knowledge of the recruiting process.

“Going through the recruiting process is stressful and overwhelming because a lot of people want you to go to their school, and you don’t want to let anyone down. Currently I have around 19 or 20 offers. Each day I have three practices, so I usually spend four or five hours a day doing basketball with Fridays off. All through elementary school I wanted to pursue soccer and I decided on basketball in middle school. During the recruitment process my main focus is to look for a good family feeling as well as good coaches and the right location. My mom is very involved because she loves communication and she’s never experienced it before while my dad went to Gonzaga for basketball so he’s been through the recruiting process before,” Peterson said.

Peterson originally planned to play soccer as a child, but switched to basketball in middle school. Her dedication and overall motivations were evident. While receiving a number of scholarships and opportunities to further her education and pursue her dream of playing college basketball. The commitment and decision-making process may be difficult. Her ability to maintain high grades and focus on her education while excelling in her sport is the primary reason for her abundance of athletic scholarships.

“The recruiting process is super demanding and it takes a lot of dedication if you want to make it to the next level. Whoever is willing to put the work in will succeed. I recently committed to UC Davis. I committed extremely early but everything fell into the right places and I am so excited about my decision. A huge part of UC Davis for me, is the fact that they have a great educational side. My parents are so amazing and so supportive of me. My mom has actually been my coach for seven years now and she has 100% shaped me into the player I am on, and off the field. I could not have done it without her. I have always dreamed of playing soccer in college ever since I was a little girl. It was super important to me that I worked hard and continued to push myself so I could achieve my goal. I have worked so hard for many years so it was super important that I did reach my goal. I am truly so grateful to have worked hard enough to make my dream come true,” Perkins said.

Perkins discusses the time and effort she puts in to be the athlete she is on the field. Student athletes devote their entire day to their education and sport, while also balancing other aspects of their lives. Perkin’s parents, particularly her mother and coach, have been extremely supportive of her. Her motivation and hard work ethic have shaped her into the athlete she is today while maintaining good grades, giving her thanks to encouraging parental roles.

“I would say the college recruiting process is a blessing and a curse. Having contact with colleges is pretty cool and it’s something that I’ve looked forward to my whole life, but with that sometimes there can be a lot of pressure added which makes me worry about things out of my control. I currently have five college offers for football and I am maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA to keep schools interested. I have football practice everyday and I usually stay after practice to get extra work in. I also have training on Sundays in Sacramento,” Rose said.

As a starter on varsity football since freshman year, Rose puts in a lot of time and effort to gain recognition from colleges. When contemplating colleges, the major thing he looks for is a good environment where he feels he can be himself. From practice, to training, to watching film in his spare time, he really has dedicated a majority of his time to his sport to prepare him for his future.