Q&A ESA: A Comparison Of 2021 To 2022 From Taylor Wagnon


As most WHS students know, there is a huge difference in culture and mindset from this year compared to last year. Last year for most students including myself still had the concern of not only COVID-19 but also the start of our freshman year of high school. This is one of those students from last year Taylor Wagnon, we will be exploring his freshman year and how it compares to this year so far.

Q: What were your feelings going into last year?

A: kinda nervous, felt a little weird. I was excited for sports as there were new and better sports for me.

Q: Were there any hard points last year?

A: kinda just math, I was going a lot for sports and math is just not my strongest class.

Q: Any regrets from last year?

A: I regret not doing graphics last year as it’s actually a really fun class. 

Q: How did you feel when the mask mandate was lifted?

A: It was really nice, I was finally able to breathe in class and kinda just felt more comfortable. 

Q: how did you feel coming into this year?

A: felt like more of a community because I have more friends, feels like this year will go better than last year.

Q: Any sports you’re looking forward to this year?

A: I’m excited for swim in the spring and I just finished water polo, it’s fun.

Q: Any family at the school?

A: My older brother Tucker, he’s a senior this year.

Q: Any advice you would give to the freshmen this year?

A: put a lot of effort into school, more than you did in middle school and everything should be good.

by Caeden Ashkinaziy