Q&A with Hafasa Ahmadzia on her henna design journey


Hafasa Ahmadzia gives us a view on how she usually does the Henna designs .

Hafasa Ahmadzia has been a henna artist since 2019. In an interview with reporter Mahsa Malikzada, she discusses what first motivated her to begin creating henna designs as well as her experiences in it over the years. But will she pursue her hobby and passion as a career in the future?


Q: What Is henna to You? 

A: To me personally, it’s a beautiful form of body art or more like art that you can draw temporarily [on yourself]. 


Q: How long have you been doing henna? 

A: I have been doing Henna since 2019 and have been loving it. 


Q: What inspired you to start doing henna? 

A: I wanted to learn more about when a close friend of mine started doing it, and I asked her to do it on my hand. It was really sick.


Q: Tell me the main thing it interests you in henna.

A: Love the form and design of arts, the hand movements I do while drawing it on one’s hand.


Q: Have you ever messed up a henna design or was it just effortlessly done? 

A: I have multiple times. When I first started learning it, it was quite hard but now I am pretty confident with it. And, I still mess up a little. 


Q: Tell me about the things you have found challenging over the years to draw. 

A: I would say drawing a perfect curved or like straight lines.


Q: Would you want to take this passion you have further in future?

A: Honestly I don’t know what is going to happen [in the future] but I would love to, though not as a career or job.


Q: May I know why you won’t choose it as a career?

A: Basically, my own dream is to become a doctor and henna is more like a hobby now and time flies and things change now.