Q&A with Hayden Stewerd and how he started mountain biking


Q: How long have you been mountain biking

A: I got into mountain biking 8 years ago

Q: What got you into mountain biking 

A: My Friends is the one that got me into it


Q: What made you join the high school club

A: It is something I am good at and enjoy doing


Q; Even though you are a club do you consider yourself a team

A: Yes we consider ourselves a team there is 20 of us on the team all the way from freshman to seniors and we have three coaches


Q: How often do you compete

A: I personally do around 15 races a year with the team I do 4 and if we win we have one more


Q: Do you win trophies

A: Yes we can win trophies if we win


Q: How many people are in the club

A: There are around 20 this year


Q: Will you join next year

A: Yep I plan on riding for Whitney every year


Q: What is your favarite place to compiate

A: My favorite place is six sigma


Q: What is the furthest that you have compeated

A: My furthest race was around 36 ride was around 36 miles and my furthest race was around 16