Natalia Benavidez talks about her dedication to sports at Whitney


A multi-sport athlete, Natalia Benavidez plays both basketball and water polo. Basketball is her first passion, as she has played competitively since fourth grade. Here she shares about who inspires her to work hard and become a great athlete.


Q: Who is a big motivational figure for you that inspires you when playing sports?

A: Michael Jordan [inspires me] for sure because he is someone with some of the greatest work ethic ever in basketball.


Q: What about him inspires you?

A: Probably his mindset, his inspiring quotes and his effort on the court. I really like where his mindset was when he practiced and played.


Q: Why do you think mindset is important going into any sport?

A: It’s Important to me because you have to want it; you have to want to work hard and try. No one can do that for you. Also, working hard is something that has always been important to me in practice and in games.


Q: Why is working hard important going into any sport?

A: Working hard in a sport is important because you’re competing. Performing well is important, and if your performance is lazy, everyone else will work harder and get better. You’ll get left behind by anyone who works harder.


Q: And why do you think your mindset is similar to Michael Jordan’s?

A: I think my mindset is similar in a few ways. I work hard like he did and want it just like he did. I want to perform well.


Q: What do you think having this focused mindset can do for someone?

A: Having his mindset can determine your performance and how fast you improve. And it can change the view you have on what you’re trying to improve.