Athletic fitness course makes a return


During third period team sports Jan. 25, Mr. Anthony Muscarella instructs during the volleyball unit. Photo by Sofia Dunmore

Trying to fit all athletes into the athletic weights classes with the new zero period this year led to an open period for another weights class. As a result, an athletic fitness course returns for next school year as an option for athletes in grades 10 and above. Mr. Anthony Muscarella will be the only teacher instructing this course. The goal is to encourage as many athletes as possible to be in a weights and fitness class and to challenge them in different ways. 

The idea behind this class is to allow all athletes to be able to participate. Not everyone is enrolled in our athletic weights classes, but with this class, it will allow all athletes to have a class that focuses on athletic movements and different weight movements. This will also allow for JV athletes to take an athletic P.E. class, as well as some of the younger varsity athletes,” Muscarella said. 

With a passion for fitness himself, Muscarella said he enjoys bringing fitness into younger students’ lives. 

“I chose to teach P.E. because I enjoy physical fitness myself and wanted to pass along my passion to the next generations,” Muscarella said. 

Lillie Stevenson took athletic fitness when it was offered previously. She noticed a change in pace after Mr. Vincent Perez took over the class due to an unexpected change in teachers in the middle of the year. 

“I liked how we did different workouts every day and how [Mr. Vincent] Perez had us do different types of cardio besides just running the mile. I think it was a good alternative for a weights class if you couldn’t get into one, or if you just wanted to workout without weights,” Stevenson said.

Students who don’t have a designated weights class for their sport may have an alternative to get into shape with this class. Bella Widrin didn’t take weights class; she said athletic fitness still helped her get in shape for her tennis season.

“I feel that it can be unfair for the people who are playing a sport and don’t have a designated PE for them because it could help them maybe improve in their sport and get them better in shape for the season,” Widrin said. 

With a daily activity that focuses on athletic movements and different weight movements, the athletic fitness course brings a different perspective on fitness for students. In the course, students will use a variety of equipment such as stability balls, dumbbells, exercise bars, bands and jump ropes. This course, being designed to introduce and provide the opportunity for students to exercise, also comes with three options of diverse activities. 

Muscarella said, “The course will include proper warm-up, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength into continuous cardio exercise. This class is not required for athletes, but is definitely recommended. The ability to work well with others and participate at a high level daily is expected.”