Men’s varsity tennis team celebrates Senior Night

After the last home game April 18, the men’s varsity tennis team holds their senior night celebration. Photo by Jezlyn Sotelo.

Holding the annual Senior Night Apr. 18, the men’s varsity tennis team celebrates the seniors’ last home game. The match was against Granite Bay and they lost 6-3. The team held a recognition ceremony, ate food, gave speeches and awarded gifts to seniors. Each senior received a keychain and a crate full of candy with their names and nicknames on it. Seniors said they had mixed feelings about moving on from the tennis team. 

“I felt mostly happy [during the ceremony]. Honestly, I’m ready to stop with tennis. I played varsity all four years, and being on a team was the best part. Having played and seen tournaments outside of school, it’s a little sad how individual and lonely tennis can be, but it’s time to move on,” Ben Nguyen said. 

With the celebration, the teammates had an opportunity to bond and think back on memories made throughout the years. 

“My favorite part would probably be just talking to everyone because it made me realize how fast time had gone and made me cherish the moment even more. I felt kind of sad, but I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I see these guys so I didn’t stay stuck in the momentary sadness,” Jin Lee said. 

Wrapping up the ceremony, the team and the coach gave speeches about their best memories  to the seniors to commemorate the moment. 

Chris Choi said, “I didn’t give a speech but my teammate, Raghav, and coach talked about my time as a tennis player at Whitney. Senior night overall was fun but I was kind of sad knowing that the season and high school in general was coming to an end.”