College Decisions


Photo illustration by Theresa Kim

Photo illustration by Theresa Kim
An ocean of maroon caps fill the clear summer sky. The end of senior year brings excitement, joy, anxiety, and sadness to the hearts of many seniors and their parents. The past four years seem like a dream, with many challenges and success the seniors are now ready for a new start. College decisions is one of the most difficult decisions for many seniors. With thousands of colleges to choose from as well as a variety of majors from medicinal science to engineering. But going to college is not so easy with more competition among students.

According to the Daily Trojan USC’s newspaper USC’s admission rates dropped by 4 percent. Admission rates are constantly dropping and as a result more competition arises. Head counselor Mrs. Julie Poe, wrote about 115-120 letter of recommendations this year and Mr. Pat Floyd from the College and Career Center wrote about 15. The most advice given is to start preparing early and work hard.

“Start early with college decisions don’t wait. Do research and talk to people, visit campuses, and put time into it,” Floyd said.

Tien Le,valedictorian attending UCLA, studied for the SATs and joined a lot of clubs and Kaylin Squyres, UC Davis volleyball scholarship, did a lot of recruiting sophomore year and visited campuses. Despite the different schools both students worked hard during their high school years in order to attend the school that they wanted to go to. Being organized and challenging oneself is one of the best ways to prepare for college, especially if you are interested in college sports.

Many student athletes aim for athletic scholarships. It is especially harder on athletes trying to manage school work, sports, and their social life.Squyres knew she wanted a sports scholarship since she was in the 7th grade. In order to achieve her goals she did a lot of recruiting as well as visiting many colleges. On the other hand Corey Palin, who will be attending Butler University on a football scholarship, played hard and worked hard in both school and sports. Both athletes researched colleges early.

“You need to keep your grades up to play sports,” Palin said.

So how do you know which college is perfect for you?

“It’s where you have the best feel. Feeling comfortable both socially and financially,” Floyd said.

College is a new beginning for many students, and some of the seniors have words of wisdom to leave behind.
“Be sure to  enjoy yourself while working hard, as a senior I look back. You want to remember everything,” said Cinzia Keechilot.