Freshmen win Homecoming week


Freshmen smile at the crowd before performing. Photo by JENICA DODGE

Freshmen smile at the crowd before performing. Photo by JENICA DODGE

After the JV Wildcats win 55 to 6 and the varsity game draws near, spectators in the stadium wait  for the homecoming parade to start. The floats finally begin to roll out onto the track, greeting the excited fans cheering and whooping for the performances they are about to see. The parade is underway.

The illusionists were the first to present their float. The smiling faces of the freshmen showed how thrilled they were to be a part of the heart-pounding experience. Jordan Sienkiewicz stood inside a box, but when the boxes were removed, she disappeared. She reappeared after her boxes were replaced. The crowd cheered, expressing their excitement for the skit.

“I liked the fact that I was a part of something that people can enjoy,” freshman Hattie Groat said.

Hunter Rodrigues and Jemima Degamo were the prince of princess of the freshman class. They beamed as they rode atop a convertible, receiving recognition.

Following the illusionists were the animals. A giant cage approached the crowd, and sophomores dressed as circus animals danced, ignoring the fact they were locked inside their float.

“They looked really good. I could tell the sophomores took their time,” sophomore Faith Gottenberg said.

Sophomore prince and princess Jonah Petty and Nicole Foster were showered with love as their fellow classmates hopped up and down with pride.

Next, the clowns took the track. The circus-tent-inspired float was empty at first, but suddenly junior clowns jumped out of nowhere and began to dance. The goofy performance had the crowd smiling and laughing.

Jasmine Beck volunteered to be one of the clowns on the float.

“Oh my god, (it was)so fun. I was hyperventilating,” Beck said a with a huge smile. She also mentioned that her favorite part was when she got to ‘twerp’.

The lighthearted mood continued as junior prince Ryan Haynes and princess Chelsea Trumbull slowly drive past, allowing their friends and family to cheer and scream for them.

Last but not least, the acrobats greeted the crowd to represent the senior class and the final float in competition. Acrobats Shea Barker and Alyssa Abaco performed a routine on bars, and some other seniors did stunts. For some odd reason, a gorilla was involved. Nonetheless, they impressed the crowd with their performance.

“They were really good, but I wasn’t blown away. I will still impressed. Seniors are the best. They put people to the test,” senior Jacob Zufelt said.

Finishing off the parade were homecoming king and queen Josh Robinson and Rachel Blankenship.

The judges Mr. Shawn Robin and Mrs. April Steele decided freshmen were the winners of the contest. Next were the seniors, then the juniors, then the sophomores. Ms. Jennifer Yadon said it’s not common [practice to announce who the other judges were.

The good night was sealed with a win by the Varsity Wildcats, beating Mira Loma 63 to 14.

“I liked how there were a lot of students to cheer on our Wildcats and enjoy the parade,” Gottenberg said.