One Direction is the only direction


Christie Goodwin

Photo from “One Direction: This Is Us” official website, used with permission under fair use.

The moment had come — millions of hormonal teenage girls waited for this day. After months of teasers and trailers, One Direction’s first documentary “This Is Us” was released Aug. 30 in the United States.

You can’t imagine the excitement true fangirls felt. Imagine sitting for an hour and a half watching the loves of your life be zoomed in on and have them looming over you on a gigantic screen. Their british accents perfectly audible and heavenly to your ears. I personally arrived at the midnight showing because I was afraid to be mobbed by little tiny girls. Apparently my theory was wrong because most people went to the earlier showings. I arrived way too early for a midnight showing of a theatre filled with only 10 girls. Yet I didn’t complain because I had more room to put my feet.

Staring at a screen of attractive, hilarious men could entertain you for hours. But the movie went into the boys humble hometown beginnings, how they succeeded after placing third in the X-Factor UK, from their concerts selling out in minutes, playing in the biggest arenas of the world. And best of all going into their personal lives of family and their overall feelings of this experience.

The movie started with the camera flying over a stadium of screaming girls, and then leading into the introduction of the band. Small childhood pictures of Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry and Zayn flashed on the screen as each of the boys talked about themselves and how they never expected this kind of fame to happen.

They played multiple concert scenes and performances. It was truly remarkable especially with some of the cool effects the movie had incorporated.

“This Is Us”’ is definitely worth the money. Well, thats if you truly like them. However, even if you don’t care for the insanely god-like boys, it still is worth the watch. No matter your feelings toward them, you somehow connect either from their heartfelt feelings, or their humour and laughs. Halfway through you will find yourself smiling or laughing. And if you are like me, you might fall into a fit of giggles, and then randomly have your giggles turn into tears.

Coming from an overly obsessed emotional teenager, I will admit I am a little biased, but I am also honest.  “This Is Us” is a fun, warm hearted movie and learning about the five British boys in a much different view is quite interesting. I truly recommend One Direction’s documentary.