‘The Wedding Singer’ comes to WHS theatre

When the lights go off on Feb. 22, the stars come out and everyone will be able to experience “The Wedding Singer” for themselves.

Mocking what director Richard Eldredge callls “the ridiculous styles that emerged in 80s pop culture, music and fashion,” the musical will include performances from Max Jacobs, Amy Burns and Sierra Zellmer.

Eldredge said the lead, Robbie, was difficult to cast.

“The actor must be strong … with a good singing voice. There is always a shortage of guys who are strong singers and can also play a strong male lead. Luckily we found that person in Max Jacobs,” he said.

The female cast was not as difficult to cast since so many girls auditioned, which is often the case. Eldredge said that helped him select “The Wedding Singer” since the show has plenty of female roles.

“We always have strong female talent, and I want to use it,” Eldredge said.

Amy Burns plays Julia, Robbie’s love interest, and Sierra Zellmer plays Holly, Julia’s eccentric friend. The show was recently performed on Broadway and Whitney will be the first school in the Sacramento area to put on the production.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is how much time is actually put into a show,” Zellmer said. “Every day after school we rehearse for about two and a half hours. I never realized how much of a commitment it is … but it’s fun as heck!”

Though the play has been altered to accommodate new music, two-time lead Jacobs said the show holds true to the comedic nature of the film version.

Adults can relish the performance for $10; senior citizens and students pay $7 for tickets. Due to some adult content, children are not advised to attend.

Cast member Amy Burns said, “If the audience likes the show, we have definitely accomplished our goal.”

STORY BY Ilaf Esuf

PHOTO: Amy Burns and Max Jacobs practice for the musical during rehearsal on Jan. 7. Photo by Sara Roudebush