“Bad Grandpa” induces laughter, quirky


Photo from “Bad Grandpa” official site, used with permission under fair use.

Grandpa may be bad, but the movie he was in is too good.

In the aptly named movie “Bad Grandpa,” Johnny Knoxville transforms into a cynical, dry-humored 86-year-old grandpa named Irving Zisman (from the talented hands of makeup artists, of course) who is forced to take his 8-year-old grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll) from Nebraska to North Carolina to his real dad after Billy’s mother is sentenced to jail for drug use.

From the moment Billy discussed how his mother’s breath reeks of cocaine to the strangely heartwarming ending, I was hooked like an angry wasp to an unsuspecting human victim. It’s a very “Jackass” film, of course, with gags as shocking to its victims as one would expect it to be. I mean, how many people can handle a geezer and a fat kid crashing their wedding and ruining their cake without their jugular vein exploding from yelling so much?

This movie is a lot like “Borat” in the sense that everyone the actors encounter get severely angry to the point of violence, which pretty much is the best thing about it. For instance, Irving and Billy are in a convenience store stealing bread and meat to make a sandwich. The store owner catches them illegally stealing food and is angered by the fact they ran away with the food instead of owning up to their mistake and paying for it. One lady actually runs out to them and scolds them for their erratic behavior. As amazing as it is to watch professional acting at work, nothing beats seeing real people with genuine reactions to certain stimuli.

Nowadays, the term “bad” has several meanings, one of which actually means something that’s good or desirable. With a 7/10 rating on IMDB.com, there is no doubt that “Bad Grandpa” is as bad as it gets. It even surpassed “Gravity” at the box office, toppling it at $32 million in its opening. So if you’re into crude pranks and jokes, like seeing feces splattered all over the back wall of a diner, definitely check this one out. It has a 1:32 running time and is rated R.