Rocklin joins Whitney for fifth annual 4WRD show


Nicole Foster, Christina Honey, Shelby Treseder and Sydney Zacharias all perform at the 4WRD show to Fix You by Coldplay.

We walked into the theater and we were greeted by a student who ripped our ticket stubs and told us to enjoy the show. This was all too familiar; my friend and I had each been to our share of 4WRD shows, and we were no stranger to Whitney and Rocklin’s dance team putting on a show.

Since 2009, Rocklin and Whitney have joined forces and put on a dance show for all Dance IV and dance team students, called 4WRD (Whitney Rocklin Dance 4). This year, there were 4 showings December 5th, 6th and two showings on December 7th, all held in the Whitney theater.

This much anticipated event had students hurrying to buy tickets.

“I look forward to going to 4WRD every year. I always come early to get a ticket because a lot of people show up and they can sell out,” Faith Gottenberg said.

Both Rocklin and Whitney students in the dance 4 program get really hyped about this event. Katie Devereux, a junior at Rocklin, loves performing for all of her friends.

“I know a lot of people from Whitney, and I love seeing them and being watched by them. Dancing is what I love to do and when my friends come watch me it’s special,” Devereux said.

This year, Mrs. Halley Crandell took over the Whitney dance program and this was her first year directing the 4WRD show.

“Mrs. Crandell did such a good job this year running 4WRD with Mrs. [Abby] Huber. The dance team is so grateful. She has really stepped up this year,” Ellen Mamula said.

There were a couple of dances that received standing ovations from the crowd. This included a upbeat, Bollywood style dance from Rocklin, and a dance dedicated to those suffering with cancer done by Whitney.

Between dances, friends would scream the names of the dancers that had just performed and the event had energy both on and off the stage.

“4WRD was just such a fun experience; I went with my friends and we had such a good time. It’s one of those things that not every high school does, so you have to go! I’m sure glad I did,” Emily Nguyen said.