Girls’ varsity basketball loses at Quarry Classic


Alanna Scott dribbles around a Rocklin player on Dec. 20 at the Quarry Classic. Photo by ARIELLA APPLEBY

Quarry Classic featured all divisions of the basketball teams at both Rocklin and Whitney, and they all competed to win this tournament at Rocklin High on Dec. 20.

Rocklin was in the lead at the start of the third quarter of the girls’ varsity basketball game with a score of 34-28.

The game was propelled as soon as #20 Jordan Purvis from Rocklin stole the ball and shifted the team over to Rocklin’s side. Shortly afterwards, #24 Alana Scott shot a two pointer, raising the visitor score to 30.

The crowd on Whitney’s side was cheering exuberantly after this shot.

#1 Dominique Bustamante passed to #5 Sami Willis, but the attempted shot failed and Whitney gained a foul. So far, the score was 39-30.

#22 Janelle Sanchez passed the ball but missed her target, but #5 Sami Willis scooped up the ball mid air and shot a two pointer.

Rocklin has continuously been in the lead, and it was maintained by Rocklin’s #15 Rachel Agarpo passing to #20 Purvis, who shot a three pointer, making the score 48-33. Rocklin is and has been in the lead so far.

#1 Bustamante made a two pointer, and #12 Meyer made a two pointer as well. #20 Alana Vieira passes successfully to #5 Willis, but Willis misses while trying to make a pass to #23 Brooke Stehlik.

Third quarter continues for another three minutes before ending with 58-42.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Rocklin’s #33 Kelsey Summers passed to #20 Purvis who shot a three pointer. The ball heads back to Whitney’s side of the court, but the shot was a miss.

#12 Meyer took control of the ball and scored, which Rocklin’s #20 Purvis catched and dribbled all the way back to Rocklin’s side of the court.

At this point, Whitney’s girls tried to get the ball back to their side to shoot. #1 Bustamante passes to #5 Willis, who passes it to #24 Scott. Rocklin’s #20 Purvis gets hold of the ball after a faulty shot is made and the ball bounces off the net.

Girls’ varsity basketball team lost the Quarry Classic with a score of 70-55.

After the game ended, there was a tribute to a former Rocklin varsity basketball player Sasha Brown, who passed away this summer. There was a moment of silence and a brief speech about Brown’s character. Brown’s parents were gifted with her old uniform as a memoriam.