With ’12 Days of Gifts,’ the Christmas spirit of giving lives on

Screenshots from the 12 Days of Gifts app.

Screenshots from the “12 Days of Gifts” app.

People enjoy free things, and if you can get said free things with the push of a button, then that makes the deal all the more sweeter.

 A new app, put on iTunes by Apple itself, titled “12 Days of Gifts,” has just been released, and it’s going to do just that. Beginning Dec. 26 and carrying through Jan. 6, iTunes will release a new free item through the app; be it a movie, or a book, or an app. Each day will contain a new freebie to everyone with the “12 Days of Gifts” app. It’s also completely free, and available for download to those with an Apple device that has iOS 7.0 or later.

The fact that iTunes has developed this app means that it can’t all be bad, right? And free things are always awesome, especially right after Christmas. There’s nothing to lose, so download “12 Days of Gifts” before you lose out.

The gifts may differ, based on the iOS user’s geographic location or platform. On Dec. 26, one user received four songs on iTunes from Justin Timberlake, and one user received an app based on the movie “Real Steel”. Users on Dec. 27 received free downloads ranging from an episode of a BBC nature series to the pilot episode of “Once Upon a Time”.

Some users claim the app “crashes every time [it’s opened],” and are mad because of its current requirements of iOs 7.0 or later. “12 Days of Gifts” currently boasts a rating of four stars from 5492 ratings.