‘Supernatural’ gains a new crazed fan


Supernatural Cover, used with permission.

Humor, drama, thrills and horror. It seems impossible that those four things can mix, so when first looking at “Supernatural,” it was probably some lame TV show to skip.

Turns out, I was just blown away and fell deeply in love with the show. There hasn’t been any show adored for dry humor so much since “House,” and watching the episodes is the best thing to Netflix binge on.

Unexpectedly, the show has a lot of humor as well as suspense, thrills and the content is so interesting because it reflects biblical lore and references. One of the main characters, Dean Winchester, is worth watching alone because I haven’t seen a character with so much witty sarcasm, but also righteousness.

The plot that started the show was thrilling because it’s about two brothers whose mother was murdered by a demon with yellow eyes. Their father has dedicated his life to hunting this demon and the brothers have no idea where he is. Dean (Jensen Ackles), the oldest, has pursued his father’s path and is very loyal and trusting to his dad. Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki)  on the other hand, has an inner conflict about having a normal life or following the path of a hunter. As the show goes on, the brothers learn that the demon is he has big plans for Sam and other children like him.

Later, the brothers learn that heaven and angels do exist, and they are pulled into a new ongoing conflict on whether or not angels deserve to think for themselves or follow the rules of the order, even if it means chaos on Earth.

After befriending Castiel, one of the new main characters and an angel of the lord, Dean, Sam, and Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) find out that one of them had accidentally made it possible for demons to free Lucifer from his cage, which Lucifer ultimately gets freed later but something else happens in Sam and Dean’s favor. But there is more horrible creations that are struggling to get free, many remain a mystery hidden in the bottom of Purgatory.

A lot that goes on in the show, and you find out bit by bit that there is something big coming. It adds a lot to the suspense and mystery and it’s great for people who are theory crafters, and there’s so much biblical and cultural lore involved it’s just so interesting. The show portrays many important aspects of religious lore and it draws viewers in. You honestly don’t know what may happen next, or what monster from what culture turns up in the episodes.

Here’s a bonus: unlike some shows that play garbage indie music, this show uses the perfect music for the best moments. If you’re into ‘80s rock music, you’ll smile sometimes while watching “Supernatural” episodes. You’ll know when it’s a season finale for Supernatural when “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas starts playing.

Without a doubt, I’m hooked on this show and I highly recommend that others watch it because it is the best show out there. Season Nine is currently airing on television, but you’d want to watch the show from Season One. It’s too good to miss.

Season Nine isn’t as great as some of the previous seasons, but it’s still packed with tons of humor, action, and drama. Dean and Sam get closer to discovering more about God and unearthing some of his secrets. With that in mind, viewers can’t help but wait on the edge of their couches in anticipation for the next episode.