Chick-fil-A fundraiser provides money for Staff Scholarship Fund


Kaleen Singh

Mrs. Danielle Martling stands beside Chik-fil-a workers, aiding with drinks on April 10

Greeted with staff dressed in maroon and the sound of the band, Chick-fil-A customers get a taste of Whitney spirit on April 10.

From 5-8 p.m., teachers and staff members volunteered to work jobs at Chick-fil-A to fundraise for the Staff Scholarship Fund. As customers approach the building, they were confronted by a worker dressed in the restaurant’s mascot, and are offered to take picture with it, giving a welcoming feel. The fundraiser was organized by Ms. Suzie Main.

“ I volunteered to help with this when Mr. Floyd was first in the college and career center, a few years ago. I have a knack for being organized, so I thought I could help some how,” Main said.

Staff members, aided by the actual employees, greeted people at the drive thru and by the doors inside the restaurant. There were also teachers that handled drinks, and others delivered customers their food as well as roamed around making sure everyone was satisfied. Mrs. Danielle Martling worked drinks.

“I enjoy doing something different and seeing staff, students and families.  It is just a fun night to celebrate our school community and we raised a lot of money. My first job was to have people take pictures with the cow to post on Facebook and then I filled drinks.  I like filling drinks because I like to be busy. It is fun to thank people for coming and I just tried to be quick so I wouldn’t slow the regular workers down,” Martling said.

Each staff member worked an hour shift, thus allowing more people to represent the school. Some school officials who weren’t signed up to work a job were encouraged to show up to fundraiser anyway for support. But of course, there were also many students that turned up, though Martling says it was slower than she’s seen in previous years.

“I worked the 5-6 shift, which tends to be a little slower as people aren’t out for dinner quite yet. In past years I have seen more turnout than this year but I’m not sure if it was just because I wasn’t there later.  I would love to see a greater turnout in the future so we can earn more money,” Martling said.

Senior Morgan Barnum offered his opinion on why some students may have turned up to this fundraising event.

“It’s a good excuse for kids to get fast-food by telling their parents it’s a school-related thing. Food is basically the best incentive for teenagers,but Chick-fil-A sponsored us in previous years which is great, but if you really want to market our school and bring attention to it across the community, then try finding other places to sponsor us. I also know people who have Chick-fil-A so often that they don’t desire it an extra time or just don’t like it in general” Barnum said.

By the end of the night, Main said the staff raised just over $850, which was just a little less than the previous year. But no matter what restaurant sponsors Whitney, Martling explained the importance of this event and why the staff jumps in to help.

“It is important for the school because it provides money for our staff scholarship.  We love to be able to contribute to continuing education.  Since it is for our scholarship we want to be the ones to contribute the time and it is fun to see staff, students and families for a fun night,” Martling said.