End of the year rally waves goodbye to seniors

The flood of students pushed past the doors as the new dance team and cheer squad formed a line waving and directing people to their spots. Posters of candy bars represented each class and a giant archway with a red carpet leading out of it and cotton candy cones stood at the end of the gym. The bass filled music shook the whole gymnasium and as the lights went out the eruption of screams.

Crowd member Kyla Baldivno thought that the theme was fantastic for the final rally of the school year, which took place May 23 after third block.

“[The theme] was creative and leadership’s efforts defiantly showed because all the props looked spot on,” Baldivino said.

The 2013-2014 Voices of Whitney, Andre Scott and Jasmine Beck, somersaulted through the elaborate Willy Wonka archways, picked up a giant lollipop hat and a sparkling top hat, then got the whole gym to cheer as they waved. They reflected on the graduating Class of 2014’s years here. Then they asked who would be the ones to replace them as rulers of the Wonka Chocolate factory.

Scott and Beck introduced the new Voice of Whitney, Daniel Jones, then argued that the junior class would be the next leaders of Whitney. Scott and Beck felt that they should prove it by playing a few games. They played a relay which the juniors lost every time.

Then the dance team of 2014-2015 and the varsity cheer team performed. The cheer team gained two boys, Marcus Tejeda and Nick Lavoie. The cheers quad was dressed up as munchkins with orange face paint and sprayed green hair performed new flips that couldn’t have been done without the boys. The dance team stayed in sync and wore glittering gold halter tops.

“I was really impressed with the new dance team; they were so sharp and clean. And the new freshmen are a great addition,” Baldavino said.

Ariana Lordge also felt the dance team did really well.

“[The dance team] did really awesome! Their formations and kickline were both clean and very professional looking,” Lordge said.

Beck and Scott crowned Jones as the Voice of Whitney then led the seniors out of the gym. As the seniors bid farewell they were given a standing ovation by the other classes. And after one last game the juniors were named the leaders of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

Greg Beaudry felt that the best part of the rally being a senior was walking out.

“We’ve seen the seniors leave three times and now we finally got to be the ones to leave!” Beaudry said.

Alexander Castueras felt that rally was cool, but felt it lacked.

“It felt bittersweet after the rally because it was our last one. The games were cool but people really didn’t know what was going on,” Castueras said.

Baldavino felt the rally was great.

“Overall it was a really heartfelt and I could tell a lot of the seniors were crying because of the slide show, and it didn’t hit me until then of how much I’m going to miss them,” Baldavino said.