Trash on campus might lead to cafeteria closing


Piles of pizza boxes and milk cartons remain on tables after break and lunch. Burrito wrappers and plastic bags scatter the grass, and birds pick at the leftover sandwiches. Trash is everywhere, and with a total of 38 trash cans within the red lines there is no excuse to not throw away trash.

The amount of trash left over each day is why the administration, is strongly considering closing the cafeteria. This consequence would result in no place to sit on rainy days except for outside, and no warm area to get daily nutrition and hang out with friends.

“It’s pretty impressive how much trash is left on the tables when there’s a trash can right next to it,” assistant principal Mark Williams said.

Many students are noticing the amount of trash that is left over and have trouble understanding why some people can’t just throw it away.

“It’s really stupid when people leave trash because there is a trash can like five feet away. No one wants to pick up after you and it just looks disgusting,” sophomore Maddie Dart said.

With budget cuts on campus, the site has only one janitor this year to clean up all of the trash and do his other daily tasks.

“Trash this year is a lot worse than it has been in the past five years; it takes me about three hours a day out of my eight hour schedule to pick up the trash,” daytime custodian Eric Schmid said.

All that Schmid asks for from students is to appreciate their campus and show a little Wildcat pride by throwing away their trash.