Despite tough loss, varsity football fans cheered on


Varsity football sets up for a play in the game against Oak Ridge. Photo by Abi Brooks.

All decked out in white clothes, painted on white paw prints and the famous Wildcat leggings, fans filled the stadium Aug. 29 for the first home varsity football game of the season, an X-factor event with a whiteout theme.

The varsity team lost to Oak Ridge 44-19.

The score at the end of the first quarter was 3-0, Oak Ridge in the lead. JV player Bryon Restori gives his opinion on the state of the varsity game while filming on the sidelines for broadcasting.

“We’ve got some good opportunities to make plays; we just haven’t made them and haven’t gotten into a groove yet,” Restori said.

Injured senior Landon Van Lo believes one good play will lead to more and more, and hopefully a win.

“We just need to get a good play and get team morale up, and from there it will just be like a domino effect,” Van Lo said.

In the second quarter, #8 Devin Brocchini ended Oak Ridge’s shutout by scoring the first touchdown. The score was then 17-6.

No matter the score, the Wildcat fans still cheered nonstop.

“The student section was very supportive and kept cheering on the football players even though they were losing,” Nicole Camarda said.

Both teams continued to score and the game ended with a score of 44-19, Oak Ridge.

“Despite the loss, I think the crowd will always be supportive and I think the football players are going to have a great season,” Camarda said.

The next football game is on Friday, Sept. 5 at Enterprise High School at 7:30 p.m. Following this game is the Quarry Bowl which is Friday, Sept. 12 at Rocklin High School at 7:30 p.m.