Girls’ varsity water polo match ends in defeat, 8-6 Antelope


Girls’ water polo match against Antelope on Oct. 3. Photo by Sarah Martinez.

On Oct. 2 the girls’ varsity water polo match lost to Antelope as they take the final shot 8-6.

“We weren’t playing as a team this game. We have so many individual strengths, but in this match we got in our own heads and weren’t able to play at even half the level we could have,” No. 9 Mellany Wynne said.

Starting the game off strong, No. 3 Kaylee Ramos sends the ball flying past the goalkeeper and into the net in the first 40 seconds. Less than three minutes later, Antelope’s No. 3 Carolyn Sigler scores tying the game 1-1. No. 17 Katelene Gonzalo scores, bringing the Wildcats in the lead. 1 minute left on the clock and Antelope scores again tying the first quarter 2-2.

No. 2 Christina Daley scores the first point of the second quarter, 3-2 Whitney. The next point sends the game into another tie, until Gonzalo scores 20 seconds later. No. 16 Kaylee Harlan, ends the quarter 5-3 keeping Whitney in the lead.

Halftime is a turning point for Antelope.

Antelopes No. 12 Rachel Gardener scores with the clock reading 5:17 left of the third quarter. Antelope closes the gap and surpasses Whitney with Gardener raising the score 6-5. The comeback for Antelope has Wynne revealing what she believes the team needs to work on.

“In the water we need to learn to work together,” Wynne said. “We can definitely improve on our shooting and passing.”

The fourth quarter starts with Gonzalo tying the score at 6-6. Not long after, Antelope’s No. 15 Hailey Meyers scores, advancing Antelope 7-6. Meyers takes the final shot, ending the game 8-6, Antelope.

Daley said, “We have the ability to crush Antelope. When we walk on the pool deck, water polo and winning is the only thing we need to focus on.”