Grammy nominee releases debut solo album with relaxed, empowering message


Seattle-based singer-songwriter Mary Lambert’s handwritten lyrics. Photo by Moxie, used with permission.

Most artists in today’s pop world write about perfect love, but not Mary Lambert. Her new release “Secrets” on her debut album “Heart on my Sleeve,” released Oct. 14, offers original lyrics about not caring about being perfect. Lambert flaunts the idea of being who she wants to be and in the process empowers others to be themselves.

The song has a fast beat and motivational lyrics that not many artists have the guts to even mention in their songs. The song reminded me of “Trumpets” by Jason Derulo because it is quick and catchy.

“I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are,” is the chorus that perfectly states the way Lambert feels about the world and the ways she deals with problems. She mocks the qualities others may consider flaws and basically says it doesn’t matter.

“This song is my dirty laundry, and that’s actually really freeing,” Lambert said. This shows that she likes having her secrets and troubles out for the world to see.

Along with writing songs, this Seattle native is also an award-winning poet. Lambert won Seattle’s Grand Slam Poetry Competition in 2011 and represented Seattle in the Brave New Voices International Poetry Competition in 2008.

The “Secrets” music video was interesting. Lambert sings in an all white room. As the video continues, the set transforms to an all black room. There were a lot of things happening at once like dancing with little children, a psychologist or psychiatrist appointment, Lambert playing a cherry apple piano around men and women. These sequences were meant to tell her life story, which is fascinating. In the video, though, Lambert was relaxed and free flowing. She seemed like she loved being the center of attention and was very comfortable in front of the camera.

I highly recommend watching the music video and following Lambert as she progresses as a rising music sensation.


by Daniel Sharrah