Second annual Coffeehouse spotlights hidden talents

Second Annual Coffeehouse

The cafeteria was bustling with energy, nerves, and excitement. Adapt conducted sound checks and parents got their cameras ready.

Students, families, and teachers crowded into the cafeteria Dec.11 for the second annual Coffeehouse. Admission was $1 and refreshments found in a real coffee shop were sold.

A stage and spotlights were set up facing chairs in rows and round tables in the back. String lights were hung on the refreshments tables. Leadership students sold Dutch Bros. Coffee, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and Noah’s New York Bagels. The softball team also sold chocolate bars as a fundraiser.

“It was a cool atmosphere with the way the lights and seats were set up and the Christmas tree. The performers and the way the stage was set up was coffeehouse-esque,” Morgan Jones, a frequent coffeehouse-goer, said.

The show included original poetry, stand-up comedy, and around 15 musical performances featuring acapella, bands, and original music. Adapt, a well-known student band, opened the show and closed with their first original song. While singing and playing the guitar to “Yellow” by Coldplay, Matt Dunn serenaded Dani Blankenship, which received a standing ovation from the audience.

Dorian Kester recited an original poem about her thoughts on her place in society.

“I really liked [Kester’s]  poem because she spoke her true feelings and also played guitar in the background, it was really cool,” Natalie Monroe said.

Almost every seat was filled, and the crowd interacted with the performers as much as the performers did them. Josi Dunbar played the ukulele and sang “Budapest” by George Ezra and the audience sang along with her.

“I have horrible stage fright, but the crowd was super supportive and I didn’t feel like I was being judged,” Dunbar said.

The emcees, Travis Elmont and Zach Dart, told knock-knock jokes, which seemed to please the crowd.

“[Elmont and Dart] were fun and kept the audience entertained between performances,” Melissa Lombardo said.

As anticipated, leadership put on another coffeehouse show this year after considering last year’s success.