The Pros and Cons of DIY beauty products


Acne — officially known as the occurrence of inflamed or infected glands in the skin that causes red pimples on the face. Sure, you can spend $8 on a cheap face scrub that barely works, but if you have a lemon you can clear it just like the face scrub. Welcome to the DIY’s of beauty and skincare. The pro of DIY’s, also known as do-it-yourself projects, is that you can use household items in replacement of spending money on store bought items.

 “I like making DIY’s when I really need to clear my acne and the store bought face wash isn’t cutting it, but if I have little acne then I’ll use store bought stuff,” Chloe Cook said.

 The most popular form of beauty DIY’s are skincare. One DIY that will help you remove acne is to put lemon juice on the area that you need to eliminate the acne. This will fight away acne producing bacteria, making the trouble area go away almost instantly. This can be very effective if used properly but if left on the skin for too long, it can disrupt your skin’s natural PH balance and pull out the essential natural oils your skin needs. Scrubs and masks are an easy DIY because they usually have only a few steps, but it’s important to follow the directions to the tee.

 “I’ve failed many times trying to make them; you have to pick wisely because you don’t want to waste ingredients. I once tried to make a milk and honey mask. I followed the steps to make it but the consistency came out too thin, so I added greek yogurt. Then the consistency was way too thick so it made a total mess and I wasn’t able to use it. I ended up throwing away the mask and pretty much wasting items that could’ve been saved,” Cook said.

 These DIY’s don’t always turn out how you want them to.They can turn out to be unsuccessful and a waste.

 “I once failed at a mask I tried to make, it ended up drying my face out and making my skin itch,” Savannah Austin said.

 By following the exact recipe and making sure you don’t add in new ingredients when not needed the project usually will turn out right.

 “I’ve made a few DIY’s and they worked out pretty well, I usually do them over long weekends and breaks when I have enough time to experiment on which ones will work,” Cook said.

 There are many good and bad things about do it yourself projects, whether you succeed or fail miserably it can be fun either way.

 “I think that making the DIY’s are pretty fun because I can save money and have something just as good as a store bought scrub or mask or wash,”Savannah Austin said.

 The beauty form of DIY’s have interested teenage girls all over America, from  making videos of doing them or talking about them on social media, there are pros and cons of do it yourself skincare products.