Studio Movie Grill offers more than just a show to moviegoers


Studio Movie Grill has done something revolutionary — for a medium-range price, customers can eat their favorite dish alongside a movie. Located in Rocklin at 5140 Commons Dr., Studio Movie Grill is quickly becoming the favored destination for teens who want to experience the best of both worlds.

 “I love [Studio Movie Grill] because I can order chips and watch a movie at the same time, and the price really isn’t that bad,” Allison Hassler said.

 Despite being only open for a month, employees at Studio Movie Grill are already excited, and are even given employee benefits.

 “Being an employee at Studio Movie Grill, when we’re not working, we’re allowed to come in on weekdays to see movies. Our employee discount is that we get to take three guests and ourselves to see free movies. Our dinner is 50 percent off, which is a really awesome deal,” employee Midori Garman said.

 Unlike most other theatres, Studio Movie Grill offers certain classic movies as well as the newer releases. A current series at Studio Movie Grill is the Superhero series, which began in Jan. and shows a Marvel movie once a month leading up to the May release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. For just three dollars, customers can purchase tickets from their website to see Ironman, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger in Feb., March, and April.

 “I love Marvel, and [because] Studio Movie Grill is selling tickets for only three dollars, I’ll see a few movies before [Age of Ultron]. It’s a great idea to sell tickets at such a low cost, because then more people will be interested,” Hassler said.

 Because there are only reserved seats, customers must either purchase tickets to movies online, or at the door, but the seats are not a “first come, first served” basis like some other theatres. Unlike the seats, however, the food can be bought before or during the movie, and you do not need to buy it ahead of time online. There is a menu available online, but there are plenty of menus in the actual venue, and you receive one when you walk into the theatre as well.

 “It’s not any more expensive than any sit down restaurant. The most expensive item on the menu is about $15, and the movie tickets are much cheaper than other theatres. The only downfall is that you would be paying for a movie and a meal, so it would end up being a little more pricy than going to see a movie at a normal theater. So it’s not necessarily somewhere I would go that often, but going every once in a while is definitely worth it,” Zach Roberts said.

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