Mr. Travis Mougeotte to assume activities director role


Mr. Travis Mougeotte teaches his world history class, one of the three subjects he currently teaches.

Next school year, Mr. Travis Mougeotte will teach the leadership classes, taking over the job of activities director to replace Ms. Jennifer Yadon.

After three years as activities director, Yadon made the decision to resign from the job once she finished out the year. This opened the door for Mougeotte, among others, to apply for the position back in February.

“I was an activities director in Reno for a couple years and at Antelope High School for a year. It’s something I was passionate about and really enjoyed doing, so when the opportunity came I jumped on it,” Mougeotte said.

At the beginning of March, Yadon and Mrs. Debra Hawkins delivered the news to Mougeotte that he was chosen to fulfill the activities director position. He has started to prepare for this by working with current ASB executives to discuss plans for next year. Secretary Kaitlyn Larson has worked closely with Mougeotte this year, as he is the sophomore class advisor, and she feels confident in his ability to run the program effectively.

“I’m extremely excited that Mr. Mougeotte is taking over the class next year because I know he’s got the creativity and drive to do it. With every transition there’s going to be bumps in the road, but I’m confident that Mr. Mougeotte will be able to lead the class just as smoothly as Yadon would have,” Larson said.

With the help of his students, Mougeotte has created his mission for the leadership program in the upcoming years.

“I’m not looking to make a lot of major changes, but I definitely think that some of the focuses for the program can be more on character and leader development. Otherwise, we’ll kind of continue the same stuff that we’ve been doing and find a way to keep focusing on that family environment. I want to take the kindness lessons we’ve been doing to the next level and unify the campus as much as we can,” Mougeotte said.

In the near future, Mougeotte will meet with the entire current leadership class to introduce himself and discuss his plans for next year.

Mougeotte said, “When I formally meet with the whole class, I will lay out my goal and my vision for the program next year, and get some feedback from them on things that they like, on what’s going well, and things that they would like to change. I want to ease them into the transition so it’s not a total culture shock.”