Leadership students begin interviews for ASB positions next year


Elle Hsu oversees poster painting during the leadership class. Photo by Kaillie Hargis

April 8 marked the beginning of campaign season for next year’s ASB officers. With a meeting discussing what each job entitled and the expectations for prospective officials, leadership students signed up for interview dates.

Kat Nham, current ASB president, went over the election rules for those applying for a position elected by the student body. ASB interviews are conducted in different stages.

“Everyone trying for a position must go to an interview with the senior panel. You still have to fill out the general leadership application just to make it into the program,” Hattie Groat said.

The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Voices of Whitney positions are all decided by election. However, all commissioner positions are chosen by a group of five seniors and the activities director, who conduct the interviews.

“They ask a series of questions which determine how you would act if you were in the position, what new ideas you would bring and a lot of other things like that,” treasurer Annalise Achacoso said.

Despite the change in the leadership adviser for the upcoming school year, the interview process will remain the same.

“I don’t think it will be much different at all, the process has worked for many years. Even though we will have a different director, the things in place for the class most likely to stay the same,” Connor Bart said.

All students who applied for a position will be notified whether they received their position after election week in May 4-8.