‘Enchanted’ by latest Taylor Swift album

PHOTO: Fair use of “Speak Now” album cover image from Taylor Swift Official Website.

She excites crowds of thousands every week. She is known for writing exactly what’s on her mind, no matter who it’s about. She has become the “it” girl of America. Ladies and gentlemen, she is Taylor Swift.

This music icon just recently came out with her third album, Speak Now, on Oct. 26. Despite the high expectations from previous awards and hit songs, Swift has come through with yet another soon-to-be chart topping collection of tracks. Some of the 14 songs include the titular song “Speak Now,” and others like “Haunted,” “Never Grow Up” and “Last Kiss.”

As always, her CDs consist of songs dedicated to certain people in particular; ones who have hurt her, ones who she has left heart broken, and ones who have changed her life.

A past relationship with musician John Mayer is described in “Dear John,” while her longing to be able to change the past with actor Taylor Lautner is portrayed in “Back to December,” one of the album’s best songs.

Others on the CD have been aimed at rapper Kayne West, musician Joe Jonas and actress Camilla Belle, while “Long Live” shines a light on the love of her amazing band.

Expressing her emotions is Swift’s favorite thing to do while writing her songs, and fans can hear how much she truly puts into her writing when they hear the lyrics. So many of the songs contain the type of lyrics people sing in their heads constantly and also often end up as Facebook status posts.

Though the album is amazing enough with its 14 tracks of shear genius, Swift wrote three bonus tracks for the deluxe edition that are just as good as the original album’s songs.

Not only can you experience bonus tracks on the deluxe edition, but also remixes of original songs, and the “Mine” music video.

Overall, the album is an hour and a half long, but no matter how many times you listen to it, you love each song more and more. They vary in tone and rhythm; some are happy and fast and others are sad and slow, while some are combinations of both, like “Enchanted.”

Whether listening on your iPod, in the car, or dancing in your room to your CD player, Speak Now will be added to your list of not just Taylor Swift favorites, but maybe even all time favorites.