Homecoming tickets on sale Oct. 5


Bella Jacobs waits to buy a ticket at the student store. Photo illustration by Sierra Young

“Where All Your Wishes Come True” homecoming week is Oct. 5- Oct. 10. Students have differing opinions on going to the dance with a date, with friends, or not going at all.

“I’m planning on going with a couple friends. At first I didn’t want to go, but I figured why not,” Katie Skilj said.

“I’m going because it breaks the monotonous routine of school. I’ll probably go with my friends because I’ve heard it’s more fun with friends [than a date],” Nicolas Feuillet.

“I’m going with a date, my boyfriend, but he hasn’t asked yet,” Alex Romanov said.

“As of right now, I think I’m going with a date but if not, [I will go] with my friends,” Connor Bart said.

The dress-up days are as follows:

Monday: Disney Tourist/Powderpuff
Tuesday: Straight off the Roller Coaster (mix matched clothes and crazy hair)
Wednesday: based on land’s characters (also for night rally)
-seniors: Tomorrowland
-juniors: Adventureland
-sophomores: Fantasy Land
-freshmen: New Orleans Square
Thursday: Monsters University (college gear)
Friday: maroon-out (also for game)

The events schedule is as follows:

Powderpuff: Monday 6 pm
Night rally: Wednesday 7 pm
Parade and Homecoming game: Friday 6 pm
Dance: Saturday 7-10pm, tickets are $10 w/ASB, $15 without ASB, $20 on Friday/guest