Students frustrated by increasing restrictions on cell phone and media use

Teachers and staff will be reinforcing the cell phone policy with renewed intensity, as well as heavily regulating web traffic at school, leaving some students with mixed opinions about the arrangement.

The cell phone policy is the same as last year, but was never very strongly enforced. Students were able to freely use their cellphones at lunch, and they were even occasionally allowed to use them in class. Now however, students are frustrated that they are no longer able to consistently utilize this technology.

“Honestly, I don’t like how we’re not allowed to use our phones outside, it’s kind of ridiculous,” Naveen Kang said.

Not only do students find the policy to be both arbitrary and one-sided, many believe that cell phones are useful as educational tools for research and other purposes.

“I definitely believe that cell phones are beneficial to the learning process. They allow you to quickly and efficiently look up information in a way that was never possible before,” Jason Sanchez said.

Students also feel strongly about the school’s blocking of certain web resources.

“More and more websites are being blocked now, and it’s becoming harder to access actual educational resources,” sophomore Cian Yap said

Cian and many others acknowledge that the school is imposing these restrictions with good intentions, but think that they have been slowly becoming too restrictive over time.