Rocklin bans smoke shops within 1000 feet of schools

In August 25th, a new city law had been passed by the City Council, prohibiting smoke shops from opening within 1000 feet of schools. The law would come into effect in September 24th.

The new law would also ban smoke shops from opening within 1000 feet of each other.

It also comes with a clause that broadens the definition of “smoke” to include vape, e-cigarettes, and hookahs.

“Cigarettes and vape are totally different things,” Garrett Lee said. “People order their vape stuff online anyways,”

The clause was included because vapor substances and e-cigarettes are still disturbing to other people, according to City Manager Rick Horst.

“Time will tell,” Horst stated when asked about the effectiveness of the new law.

There will be no foreseeable changes to the new law according to Horst.

In existing smoke shops with smoke and vapor lounges, new regulations of ventilation was also instituted.

So, why now?

In February 2015, 3 Monkey’s Smoke Shop tried to open a location at Stanford Plaza, in the vicinity of Rocklin High School.

This had caused a public outroar. There were petitions and protests from concerned parents, students, and Rocklin Unified School District. As a result, City of Rocklin placed a temporary ban preventing smoke shops from opening within 1000 feet of schools.

In the time of the temporary ban, the City Council had to decide on what to do. This new law was the result.