Water polo coach puts underclassmen on varsity team

Women’s varsity water polo coach, Mr. Zachary Davis, decided to pull up 12 underclassmen to the varsity team. Although, this decision was not made because of the skill level of the underclassmen, it was made for the benefit of the team.

One of the seniors on the team, Andreanna Mill, is benched until Oct. 5 because of a transfer rule. Even though she is not playing in the pool, she is working with the team as much as possible. Outside of the pool Mill is able to identify what the team needs to work on and being one of the team captains, tells them at the first chance she gets. This could be a benefit for the team, but it does not always work to their advantage.

“Since I am not an authority some girls feel as if they don’t need to listen, even though they might benefit from it,” Mill said.

Despite the team consisting of mostly underclassmen, there is usually equal playing time for them. On average an underclassmen player plays four to five minutes per game, with the exception of a few players. Most players think they have equal playing time.

“Coach does a great job of rotating people out,” Gretchen Fischer said.

The women’s varsity waterloo team currently stands at 11 wins and three loses.