Club Rush offers a variety new clubs

All students were released during intervention through lunch to participate in Club Rush on Sept. 25. Club Rush promotes clubs and gets students to join; several clubs used different assortments of treats to get students to join such as brownies, cookies, and candy. The event had music pumping loud through the air and a sweet sugary smell of treats.

Photography club president Mariya Shtevnina faces challenges forming bonds between new members.

“Taking everybody else’s input and creating a community is the hardest part, [but] have an open mind,” Shtevnina said.

Joining a club provides students with a higher chance of being scouted by colleges  so, participation is beneficial.  

William Murbach, president of Do Something Club provides community service hours and extracurricular activities that colleges will look for. When asked what it’s like being class president and the struggles,  Murbach said the hardest part is “getting people to sign up”.