Freshman soccer beats Oakmont 2-1

On Sept. 21, the freshman soccer team beat Oakmont 2-1.

In the first half, Elvis Aviles and Jonah Williams each scored a goal. Nathan Semanski set them both up for their goals and received two assists.

In the second half, the team was unable to score for the remainder of the game. However, Oakmont took advantage ofthe opportunity and scored their first goal of the season. After the goal, the defense stepped up and allowed no goals for the rest of the game, keeping the team’s winning streak alive with three wins in a row.

Head Coach Ryan Balbi explains why his team played well.

“I thought that we won because we passed better and kept possession of the ball most of the game,” Balbi said.

No. 11 Andre Modolo said that they did many things that were good as well as things they need to improve on in practice.

“We did extremely well in the first half, but we needed to switch the ball more frequently and utilize the middle more,“ Modolo said.

No. 5 Williams was also very excited that he scored his first goal of the season.

“They weren’t marking me very well, and I used it to my advantage. I’m very happy that I was lucky enough to score once I got the ball,” Williams said.

Since Oakmont isin the same league as the Wildcats, they will face each other again later in the season. Balbi expects Oakmont to be more eager to beat them next time they play each other.

“Since they were able to score their first goal of the season on us, I expect them to want to beat us even more now knowing that they are able to score against us,” Balbi said.

The team’s next game is Oct. 1 against Granite Bay.


by Kenichi Watanabe