Morning announcements bring mixed emotions


Students watch the morning announcements. Photo by Haley Ballestin

Whether it be the Full Court Press or The Word, the daily morning announcements inform and entertain students — the ones who are given the chance to view them, that is.

Some teachers are vigilant in showing the announcements, while some are indifferent and others simply aren’t able to.

P.E. teacher Mrs. Kerianne Woods is one of the latter.

“We would absolutely love to show the announcements if we had a venue, but we have no where to show it [and] there is nowhere to put 45 students for each class,” Woods said.

Although some teachers have no problems with the morning announcements, some have become disgruntled. The length of the morning announcements have been the subject of complaints among some teachers since they tend to run about 15-20 minutes opposed to the expected 10-11 minute run time.

A possibility to solve this problem is changing the bell schedule next semester to shorten every class period equally in order to make more time for the announcements during second block.

With the inconsistency of teachers showing the morning announcements, students miss out on information they may find useful.

Andrew Duffey watches the announcements daily and relies on them for sports news,  important dates and club meetings.

“I think the morning announcements are very helpful. They keep me in the loop about what’s happening around campus,” Duffey said.

Shane Muir, a daily watcher as well, said he is most attentive to what applies to him.

“I like listening to the sports scores and the social media stuff. It’s just interesting to me because I use a lot of social media,” Muir said.

Since some students are unable to see the announcements during school, they go throughout the day unaware of campus news happening around them.

“I think I’m missing out by not watching the announcements, because I don’t get the important information about the school,” Zachary Chaffin said.

The inconsistency in availability to the morning announcements leaves a gap between what students should know and what they do know. However, the morning announcements also are posted online on WCTV19’s website. The WHS app and the school website provide the much of the same information.