‘Megamind’ lives up to Dreamworks standards

Movie poster from “Megamind” by Dreamworks Animation

Dreamworks Animation has once again provided a cute yet smart and hysterical movie, except this time in 3D. However, “Megamind” in 3D, rated PG, is different from other Dreamworks movies because the focus is on the villain of Megamind himself, voiced by Will Ferrell. This lovable alien is forever at war with his archenemy Metro Man (Brad Pitt) who is the famous hero and protector of Metro City.

Megamind is sent to Earth from his home planet at the same time as Metro Man, but Megamind lands in a prison yard while Metro Man is rocketed into a loving family home. Megamind spends his life trying to destroy Metro Man and rid him of Metro City by using his rumored girlfriend Roxanne Ritchi (Tina Fey) as bait to catch Metro Man in various traps that ultimately fail, until the day that Megamind actually succeeds in destroying Metro Man.

As the new evil dictator of Metro City, Megamind becomes bored of his high-class life and feels that there is no real thrill to life now that his one nemesis is gone. The twist to his accomplishment is that his success made his life incredibly worse. As a result, he tries to create a new superhero to take the place of Metro Man so his life will be full again. He decides to take a normal everyday man and give him Metro Man’s powers to make him Titan (Jonah Hill). But soon, Titan realizes that his powers are better suited to being a villain rather than a hero, and Megamind has to make the choice between staying a villain, and saving the town he once sought to destroy.

Although the hype about this movie was low for Dreamworks standards, “Megamind” is surprisingly funny and thought-provoking. Sadly, the supervillain concept of this movie may be compared to that of “Despicable Me” or “The Incredibles”, but this new CG-animated movie provides a fresh take on an old idea despite the outside appearances and similarities to other films of the same theme.

With the same elements of a good superhero vs. supervillain movie, such as cliched battles and classic banter, Will Ferrell adds an extremely funny touch to the character of Megamind. His syllables are incorrectly enunciated and his arrogance, as well as his sarcasm, reflects his character in a way that brings to life the comical aspects of the movie.

Fey is average as Roxanne Ritchi but with no memorable lines or comical additions to the movie. Pitt’s perfect superhero character against Ferrell’s arrogant supervillain provides a good contrast and supports the good vs. evil theme of the movie. Hill is a good use of the wounded teenager who comes back to get revenge on those who hurt him rather than Titan: the supremely evil villain. David Cross, as Megamind’s minion and best friend, supports Ferrell and gives good comic relief at times but stays mostly as a background character.

Designed as a 3D movie, the animation behind the movie is extremely well done. The whole movie has countless 3D moments and seems to be solely designed around the 3D concept which makes watching Megamind much more enjoyable. Also, the use of hard rock guitar riffs, like “Back in Black,” “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Highway to Hell” as background music during battles is a great way to use sound and music.

Coming as a very unsuspected laugh in the genre of comic hero vs. villain movies, “Megamind” offers an interesting and fun take on the idea of a supervillain. Throughout the movie, there are many cute and laughable moments that make this parody of the comic book hero cliche memorable for children, teens and adults.

Running Time: 96 mins