Cocoa and Cram to offer study, tutor opportunities for finals

Cocoa and Cram, a new winter event run by leadership, is set to take place Dec. 14 from 5 to 8 p.m. in the cafeteria. Building up to finals week, leadership students sets out to prepare students for their tests while maintaining the holiday spirit.

“The event is designed to help students prepare for the craziness of finals by providing a chill, but still academically friendly place to work,” Recognition Committee Commissioner Samantha LaRussa said.

Teachers who have volunteered to be of extra assistance to students prior to tests will be present at the event. Those signed up to attend include but are not limited to: Mr. Travis Mougeotte (social science) , Mrs. Jennifer Armas (health, family life, driver’s ed), Ms. Emily Thomas (language arts), Ms. Erica Canup (language arts) and Ms. Nicole Ferguson (social science).

“When I heard about this event I thought it was such a great idea. It reminded me of the many college nights spent in the library, surrounded by other students cramming before finals. It’s a great opportunity to support the students who really want to do well in school and go the extra mile,” Ferguson said.

Honors students were also asked to tutor their peers and will receive community service hours as an incentive.

At Cocoa and Cram, ASB will provide snacks such as hot cocoa, cup of noodles, popcorn and cookies and a study environment for students who seek help from teachers and peers.

“I think it’s great that leadership is helping kids study for finals,” Elena Leach said.

There are no entrance fees and snacks will be provided for free by leadership students.