A trainer who is more than about tape and water


Matt Laux helping the Whitney men’s team at Kings’ Arena. By Jacob Blumenstein

Sprinting down the court next to a defender, then going for a layup and bam the player twists their ankle. This is where the athletic trainer  comes in and helps.

Matt Laux has been the school’s head trainer for four years. Laux has been working with the sports department for four years and now training teens to be a athletic trainer. During the winter, he focuses on helping the basketball team by treating injuries and supplying them with water and sports drinks. With Laux’s quick rehabilitation work, an injured player could be good to go the next quarter or half. Most of the injuries in basketball season are ankles.

“Basketball players don’t typically get hurt as much compared to other sports. Most of the time, I am taping ankles to help prevent an injury,” Laux said.

The basketball team is given two-five gallon jugs of water and Powerade.  Next to the water there are ice bags for any sudden injuries for the players, so they can heal it fast and go back into the game.

“The five-gallon jug will usually last through all three basketball games. If we notice we are getting low we will get the backup jug,” Laux said.

The supplies Laux brings are medical and supplies such as tape for any ankle or wrist injuries. The four years Matt Laux has worked there he has been with the same group of seniors now when they were freshman.

“He really helps when someone gets hurt because he’s right there with you,” Josh Mack says.

Laux aids the players of any sport on and off the field. When helping players who previously had a severe injury, Laux helps them to make it stronger and healthier for the next time they go to play. What he does to make their injury stronger is by showing the player workouts to do with the injury. Most of the time Laux is refilling the water and taping ankles before games. With all of the excitement in the atmosphere by players and coaches in games,

Laux said, “I think the most exciting part is seeing the young talent do so well on varsity, but it’s always exciting when any Whitney team walks away with a win.”