Varsity tennis teams host children’s tennis camp


Luke Wetzel

Jonathan Guerrero coaches kids through drills. Photo by Luke Wetzel

Students from the womens’ and mens’ varsity tennis teams have come together to help their tennis coach, Matt Holm, in hosting The Whitney High Junior Tennis camp fundraiser. Through this, students have fun in helping to introduce tennis basics to kids at a young age.

“The goal of this camp is to expose kids in the surrounding Rocklin area to tennis in a fun and friendly way,” Holm said.

Holm supervises and coaches in the camp, and is responsible for organizing the fundraiser.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from Jan. 5-21, the volunteer student coaches will arrive at 3:00 after school on the tennis courts and help to set up multiple activities, such as ladder drills and mini nets, before the children arrive at 3:30.

“Tennis is really a great way for kids to have fun. It’s also a good sport to follow through with into high school and college, so I think it’s important for kids who are interested in it to be exposed to it when they’re young,” said Spencer Kim, a student volunteer coaching in the camp.

The camp is geared towards younger children ranging from second through eighth grade, and supplies safety balls and smaller rackets to participants. They are grouped by their age and ability and participate in drills and games designed to introduce tennis basics. The kids are coached by the women and men’s varsity tennis team who have volunteered their time and will be supervised by the staff.

The staff also have a fun time, and the coaches enjoy their time at camp as well.

“My favorite part about coaching this is that I get to hang out with the kids, and they’re so easily impressed that it’s also a real self-esteem booster for me, so it benefits me as well,” Naveen Kang said.

Kang is the group leader to the second and third grade group.

The camp also serves as the only fundraiser for 2016 tennis season, which makes it important to student coaches who are helping to raise money towards the tennis program. The cost for a child who wants to participate is $85, which is significantly cheaper than other tennis programs available in the Rocklin area which can cost up to $150 for the same number of lessons.