Legacy of a Laker

Some say he is the best basketball player of all time. After 20 years in the NBA, Kobe Bryant is leaving an immaculate legacy of basketball only some were able to witness live. He is one of the few players to stay on the team the same team his whole career,The Los Angeles Lakers. He has made 18 All-Star appearances, won five championships, two defensive player of the year awards and the highest scorer to ever wear a Lakers jersey. Many memories come to fans minds as they think about the player’s career.

“I remember when they won the championship in 2010 against the Celtics I was running around screaming” said Kenny Tillet.

On Wed, April 13, Bryant played his final game against the Utah Jazz in Los Angeles. The game was heavily viewed even though the Warriors were about to make history breaking the season win record. As the future hall of fame athlete ran out and was introduced for the last time, the crowd exploded with excitement and support for him. Kobe started off the game a little cold but at half time explained that he wasn’t worried yet. Kobe ended the first quarter with 15 points. As he started the second quarter his shot couldn’t seem to fall as he only had one three, two free throws and a layup. Bryant ended up with 22 at the half. The Jazz lead the game 57-42.

During this time celebrity appearances shared kind words about Bryant such as famous actor and rapper, Snoop Dogg and former teammate Shaquille O’Neal. In the second half Kobe started a little better scoring a layup and jumper right off the bat. Bryant then went into a cold slump missing four shots, three of which were three-pointers, in a row. That was a turning point as Bryant made his way to 37 points at the end of the third. The tension grew towards the end as the game was coming to an close, as well as a career that was going to be remembered forever. At the start of the fourth the Jazz still had the lead 75-66. Kobe started the fourth a little slow missing two threes and a layup blocked. Bryant pulled away with 60 points not only being the oldest man to score that many in a game and on his last game, but getting his team the win on a comeback.

“[He] played his final game very hard and finished the last chapter in his book strong” Matthew Engebretson said.
After the game the crowd settled as he gave a speech, thanked the fans and said farewell. He seemed very thankful to where he got and showed his appreciation. Laker legends like Magic Johnson and O’Neal had come to retire his number number and induct him into the Lakers hall of fame. As Kobe walked off the court for the last time, the crowd saw the last they would of the legend on a court.